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The First Shabbat Poem
by Melissa and Lindsay

We gather here tonight
on our first Shabbat
in another country
which we like a lot

With 40 different faces we all did meet
at Camp Perlman and boy we did not eat
so it was off to Israel on a ten hour flight
some of us were sick, some of us hooked up,
and some of us stayed up all night

Finally we arrived in this holy land
and started our touring, but oh man most of us could not stand
it was off to the western wall where we prayed
then back to the field and frisbee was played

We all are slowly adjusting to this country and each other
today we toured Jerusalem and spent time with one another

So now we're looking forward to 23 more days
of making new friends and catching Israel's rays
so now have fun and enjoy these amazing Israel days!!!

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Last Updated: 07-28-97
This document was created by
David Ari Hulnick